LANDSLIP Global Knowledge Products

Working between 2016–2021 the LANDSLIP (LANDSLIde multi-hazard risk assessment, Preparedness and early warning in South Asia) project brought together a multi-national multi-disciplinary consortium to enhance landslide forecasting and early warning in India. The key learning from LANDSLIP has been captured in a suite of accessible knowledge products, covering meteorological forecasts, landslide forecasts, landslide data, the development of a landslide forecast bulletin, and institutional roles in landslide forecasting. It is hoped that these ‘Knowledge Products’ will be of interest to all who are interested in landslide hazard risk management, forecasting, early warning, anticipatory action and disaster risk reduction.

LANDSLIP Knowledge Product: Meteorological Data

LANDSLIP Knowledge Product: Meteorological Data [PDF, 4.5 Mb]
Meteorological data is a key requirement for the development of operational Landslide Early Warning System (LEWS). Those developing LEWS need to be aware of meteorological data requirements. Many of the datasets that are useful for landslide forecasting and monitoring are managed by national meteorological agencies. These institutions also hold a wealth of information on the performance, upgrades, limitations and benefits of different sources of meteorological information.

LANDSLIP Knowledge Product: Landslide Forecasting

LANDSLIP Knowledge Product: Landslide Forecasting [PDF, 4.6 Mb]
Landslide forecasting is central to the operation of LANDSLIP’s regional scale landslide forecasting system. Knowledge of the underpinning modelling approaches, their assumptions and limitations, is critical for anyone wishing to understand how to develop or implement a similar system.

LANDSLIP Knowledge Product: Landslide Forecast Bulletin

LANDSLIP Knowledge Product: Landslide Forecast Bulletin [PDF, 4.9 Mb]
A landslide forecast bulletin is intended to be a user-friendly way of communicating landslide risk information to enable more informed action on the ground. The bulletin became a central and critical area of focus in LANDSLIP. The Geological Survey of India became the bulletin’s custodian and produced experimental bulletins for limited distribution to sub-national government, on a daily basis, during the 2020 and 2021 monsoon seasons.

LANDSLIP Knowledge Product: Institutional Roles

LANDSLIP Knowledge Product: Institutional Roles [PDF, 4.0 Mb]
Early Warning Systems (EWS) are made up of four key components: Risk Knowledge, Monitoring and Warning, Dissemination and Communication, and Response Capability. An effective EWS requires multi-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration, ensuring the system is effective across all components. This multi-disciplinary team has been critical to the design and development of LANDSLIP’s prototype landslide forecasting and EWS.

A knowledge product called ‘Landslide data for Regional LEWS’ is likely to become available shortly.