Education video and interactive presentation

As part of our general education section, we have been involved with outreach to teachers, students and the general public.

Below are two examples, one a webcast education video, the other an interactive presentation. Both of these are accessible via your web browser.

1. 45' WEBCAST VIDEO. Triggered Landslide Events: Statistics, Implications and Road Network Interactions.

Bruce D. Malamud of the LAMPRE project gives a talk to more than 80 high school teachers, from more than 12 countries, at the EGU annual meeting in 2013. Here, in this video, he talks about some basics of landslides, processes involved in triggered landslide events, the statistics of landslides, interaction of landslides with road networks and hazard assessment of mass wasting. He further discusses some prevention and mitigation measures of mass wasting, and finally shows some demonstrations that students or teachers can do with inexpensive material. The audience of this presentation is to high school teachers, but the information has also been disseminated by LAMPRE (in various forms) to high school students, university students, and university lecturers.

2. INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION. Innovative Techniques for Teaching about Landslides and Triggered Landslide Events

Faith Taylor and Bruce D. Malamud of the LAMPRE project have prepared Interactive Presentation (PREZI poster), presented at the AGU annual meeting in 2014, on techniques that teachers can use to teach about landslides and triggered landslide events.