LANDSLIP work package overview

Toe erosion by torrent stream causing minor slide. The house is at risk.

Our research comprises of seven interlinked work packages. Cutting through all of these are:

  • work package 1 (WP1): management and project coordination
  • work package 2 (WP2): co-production, outreach, uptake and sustainability

Work packages 3 to 6 (WPs 3–6) focus on knowledge, tools and methodologies contributing to a landslide multi-hazard framework' through these dynamics:

  • meteorological (WP3)
  • landscape (WP4)
  • social (WP5)
  • multi-hazard (WP6)

Combined with WP2 (co-production), these lead to an integrated landslide risk assessment and early-warning system (EWS) in a multi-hazard framework (MHF) — work package 7 (WP7).

Our spatial scales are slope to region, and our temporal scales are day to month. We believe the scales that we are addressing are more applicable to practitioners in the resilience community.