WP7: multi-hazard integrated landslide risk assessment and early-warning system in a multi-hazard framework: optimising tools and methodologies

Task leads: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, British Geological Survey, Practical Action, Amrita

Cut slope failure along railroad causing damage to railway track


Task 7.1: capture current/emerging technologies in meteorology, landslide risk assessment (RA) and early-warning system (EWS) in a multi-hazard framework (MHF)

Task 7.2: strategic integration of WPs 3–6 outputs into landslide RA/EWS in a MHF

Task 7.3: conceptualisation/implementation of computer code for landslide RA/EWS in a MHF

Task 7.4: pilot web-mapping data access/visualisation for landslide RA/EWS in a MHF

Task 7.5: identify warning message requirements and dissemination

Task 7.6: evaluation of the landslide RA/EWS in a MHF

Key deliverables (in collaboration with WP2 stakeholder user group)

  • Two draft reports and quarterly updates:
    • current/emerging technologies
    • integrating WPs 3–6 into landslide risk assessment and EWS multi-hazard framework
  • Computer code conceptualisation and implementation
  • Web-mapping tool
  • Communication protocols
  • Evaluation strategy, legacy protocols and peer-reviewed paper

WP7 impact, usability and legacy are key priorities (with links to Task 2.4 'Research into use and sustainability'). WP7 will bring the dynamic processes from WPs 3–6 together into an integrated landslide RA and EWS. Throughout the lifetime of the grant, we will deliver iterations of:

  • communication protocols
  • web mapping prototype tools

Stakeholder co-production with WP2 will ensure effective application, evaluation, communication and legacy.

Expertise and experience of the consortium will greatly enhance the co-design and delivery of this WP, particularly Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, the British Geological Survey, Practical Action and Amrita.